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Hi! for those that don't know I'm Breakman not to be confused with Blues/protoman. This site has info and pictures from RPGs, Anime, and of course Rockman/Megaman. oh before you go anywhere, let me tell you something you probably read a lot... ASK ME PERMISSION TO TAKE MY STUFF! you can reach me at:

This site has three main areas, Art, Fanfic, and Music. The guide of the Art area is Forte/bass. The guide of the Fanfic area is Blues, and The guide of the Music area is Rockman. everything else will be taken care of by me or, my partner Blaktalon. (See Fanfic for more info on black.)

Come on, Now... You new this was coming...

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A picture of the three guides!

I'm breakman!

My e-mail address: